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Monday, October 31, 2011

Taylor News Oct 2011

Happy Halloween


Lots of little Trick or Treaters at our door this year. Our favorite are the little ones that dress up like bugs!

Fun Facts:

  • The biggest pumpkin in the world tipped the scales at a whopping 1,446     pounds. This gigantic gourd was weighed in October 2004 at a pumpkin festival in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada.

  • Pumpkins also come in white, blue and green. Great for unique monster carvings!

  • The mask used by Michael Meyers in the movie "Halloween" was actually William Shatner's mask painted white.

Here's What's In The News at Taylor Sound

Black Phoenix Orchestra is back in the studio working on their new and first full length album. September and October the band was in for pre-production work. They are scheduled to start tracking the album early December.

Alkatine has finished up their first 6 song EP and are out to print. All songs were tracked, mixed and mastered by Brad. We look forward to their release in the near future. Wayfarer and Clara's Silence have also finished up their first EP's respectively.  Brad tracked and mixed all songs and has just finished up the final mastering as well.

New to us, the band 'The Pygmies' came in to have their new album mastered. Looking forward to checking these guys out!

In The Works

Singer/Songwriter Aislinn Grant has been in the studio putting some final touches on her EP and guitarist 'Electric Monk' is currently working on a full length album and will be in and out of the studio over the next couple of months finishing off his tracking.

Making Radio Waves

'Rockets and DInosaurs' were added to X92.9FM Daily Rotation recently. Black Phoenix Orchestra was added to a number of radio stations across Canada. Please see the band's websites for more details.




The Lions Release Iconoclastic

Taylor Sound would like to congratulate Calgary band The Lions on the release of their latest album entitled 'Iconoclastic'.  The full length, double-disc CD was released in September at The Cantos Music Foundation. The party was for 200 close friends and fans and all proceeds from the show went to The Legacy Foundation of Calgary, an organization that helps bring music knowledge to youth who's families do not have the means for private lessons. Chris Millar from The Lions teaches guitar for The Legacy Foundation.  This marks the 6th album that Brad has recorded and mixed for the band.

Iconoclastic can be heard and purchased from the band's website www.thelionsrockandroll.com or from itunes.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sound Treatments

Like with any business, there's always something to do to make things better and more comfortable. In the last month (mostly over the halloween weekend) we constructed and installed some heavy duty bass traps and sound treatments. Wanting to have our additions functional and attractive, we wrapped them in texture rich fabric.... And they look great.

Hanging them was rather entertaining. Wedge between the bass traps and the wall while balancing on a ladder, well.....if someone had a camera.....

[gallery link="file" columns="4"]

What are bass traps?

Bass Traps are acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to damp low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency(LF) room response by reducing LF resonances in rooms. They are commonly used in recording studios, mastering rooms, home theatres and other rooms built to provide a critical listening environment. (Wikipedia)

There are many different designs and materials so take the time and do some research to ensure you make the right choice for your space.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Lions Release Iconoclastic

Taylor Sound would like to congratulate Calgary band 'The Lions' on the release of their lastest album entitled 'Iconoclastic'. The full length, double-disc CD was released in September at The Cantos Music Foundation. The party was for 200 close friends and fans and all proceeds from the show went to The Legacy Foundation of Calgary, and organization that helps bring music knowledge to youth whose families do not have the means for private lessons. Chris Millar from The Lions teaches guitar for The Legacy kids.
This marks the 6th album that Brad has recorded and mixed for the band.
Iconoclastic can be heard and purchased from the band's website www.thelionsrockandroll.com or from itunes.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

X929 Xposure 2011

Congratulations to this year's X92.9 Exposure Contest winners, 'Meesha and the Spanks', 'Bigger Fish Than Guns', and our recording artist 'Black Phoenix Orchestra'. Each of these bands received $25,000! Awesome contest from Calgary's Alternative Rock Station, who don't have any strings attached with their prizes, allowing the bands to spend the money where they need it most, and with whom they choose. Also local indie band 'Rockets and Dinosaurs' made it into the final Top 10 for Xposure with their EP 'High Five' that was recorded here at Taylor Sound as well so Congrats to them.

For the unsigned talent out there that wants to try their hand at the commercial radio scene, you can upload your songs directly to the x92.9 website. Make sure the quality of recording is very good, radio friendly! If not, a really great song may get tossed simply because the quality is not up to broadcast standards. If you're proud of your music, then show it through a good quality recording. If you're looking to record some stuff for Exposure, wether it be for the contest or simply for their feature segments, make sure to give yourself enough time. This year we unfortunately had to turn bands away because trying to book your studio time at the last minute is problematic. By calling early, booking early and giving your engineer time to do a good mix, the happier and hopefully more successful you'll be!

If you're a band that likes to record their own stuff, think about getting someone else to mix and master it. We are available to help in both those situations and are starting to see more work come our way in the form of mastering and remixing of songs.

Good Luck Out There!

Remember to follow us on Facebook to see what's happening here, as well, I try and keep everyone informed with upcoming grants and unique performance opportunities.

Trish Evans
Director of Marketing and Funding.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taylor News April 2011

April Fool's? A day late, but that mother nature sure is a wild gal! And although there's a foot of fresh snow outside, we are making the best of it and having a little fun with some food coloring! Onlookers thinking I've lost my mind as I stood on a chair taking a picture of the deck floor! What?

Here's whats in the news at Taylor Sound.


Last week we had a family in the studio which was really great fun. They sung together karaoke style to Lady Gaga's 'born this way'. They rewrote the lyrics and changed it to  'your 50 today' in celebration of their sibling's birthday who lives in Australia. They had so much fun that one of the ladies who works in the corporate

world, suggested that doing team building exercises in the studio would be a  great way to bring all ranks of business  together.  Just because you're the boss, doesn't mean you're a singing sensation!! We look forward to speaking more with her about organizing this event. Something to think about for yourself or someone you know!

Who's making radio waves this month from

Taylor Sound?

The Lions

Before leaving for SXSW, The Lions finished their first single off their upcoming album. 'Groove' has officially hit the airwaves being added to the daily's on X92.9, Rock105.3  and rock 106 Lethbridge. The band is in recording some final tracks for the new album then on to mix. Stay tuned!

Lounge Pistol

'Dyin for Nothin' is single #3. The Goat in Lloydminster has already added it to medium rotation and we look forward to hearing how it plays out. Single #1 “Shades of Chivalry” peaked at #84 Mediabase Active-Rock reaching a major market audience of 60,000. Also “Shades” was ranked #83 Top-100 of 2010 at CKLM The Goat. The single received 2300 spins on 22 stations. Single #2  “I’m Not Ready” has peaked #73 Mediabase Active-Rock with reaching a major market audience of 80,000 and both singles are still receiving their fair share of spins nationwide!


Word on the street is that the recent recording of  'paper notes' has been chosen as a single and a couple of stations in eastern Canada have begun to add it....but the official release isn't until later this month. Good luck fellas.


Alberta Music Industry Association (AMIA) is hosting a Recording Studio Networking Night Wednesday, April 13 @ The Ironwood Stage & Grill. This mixer will kick off at 7:00pm and yours truly will definately be there to answer as many questions as we can. Check out the event on their Facebook Page.

Want to play this year's Western Canadian Music Awards? Better hop to it. Deadline is April 15. Check it out!   Breakout West 2011 YUKON. AMIA will have funding opportunities to assist those who are accepted.

X92.9 started their 2011 Xposure contest and the studio is feeling it. With projects coming in to track in the daytime before work and handing off to others on their way home from work, there is never a dull moment; nor a silent one, and for that we are grateful.

Bands hit the road last month for various festivals including Canadian Music Week and South By Southwest. Happy to report everyone is home safe and sound with some great music opportunities and showcases in the bag.


Our facebook page is doing well and Brad promises to capture some interesting shots in the studio and post them on twitter this month; so let that be a heads up for those of you who are in the studio...brush you hair and comb your teeth! haha.

Another busy studio month ahead with Atacama Republic, Wayfarer and Alkatine all finishing up their EP's.  The Lions are in finishing the last of the tracking for their new album and The Nix Dicksons start recording more songs for their upcoming EP!  I think that's got everybody..whew!


Did you know that most grant applications require an artist Resume? Many bands are denied funding because their package is incomplete. One of the main things left out is a resume. Here is a site I found that helps you structure your resume. From then on it's just a matter of maintenance. Of course this doesn't apply to just musicians. Please share!  Writing Your Artist Resume

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taylor News March 2011

March is here already and I know I'm speaking on behalf of all Calgary and area when I say "Is spring ever gonna get here?" Enough of this cold and snow already. Brad is the only person that seems totally unaffected by the local weather conditions. Radio contests and festival deadlines have kept him busy in the studio all month and I've never seen him happier.
Here's What's In The News At Taylor Sound.

Social Media @charliesheen & #tigerblood....

Wether or not good 'ol Charlie has fallen off the deep end, or wether it's the most successful and elaborate PR stunt ever, the power of social networking is without a doubt our biggest asset in today's business and entertainment world.

I have spent the last few weeks establishing blogs, uploading photos and recordings, creating videos and lists of gear, and I'm finally ready to say that our TWITTER feeds (@taylorsound) and news BLOG (http://taylorsoundrecording.blogspot.com) and other links to webpage, youtube and media friends can all now be found in one place, our FACEBOOK PAGE. Follow along at facebook/com/taylorsoundrecording to get daily and weekly updates, pictures, shows etc by giving up the 'ol Thumbs up! Whew!

Let's Make A Deal....

We are in the age of the digital download and consequently massive runs of CD's just aren't happening anymore. Next time you're in Future Shop, HMV or Best Buy, have a look at their tiny music selection. There's definately been some shrinkage over the past few years. However, and I think that most would agree, that it is still important to have a physical copy of a recording. Selling CD's at shows are still a necessary source of income for musicians, especially those who are on the road.  I spoke to a number of different bands to see what they were paying and who they were using for CD duplication, and I must say, as a grant writer and supporter of different Art Councils and Organizations, I was not pleased to find out that many were sending their products State side to be printed.

So.......I reconnected with some old contacts, and was pleasantly surprised at the willingness and openess of CANADIAN companies that wanted to work with us. I am pleased to say that we are in the final stages of putting some unbelievable packages for duplication, web design, mastering, and photography together to offer strictly to clients of Taylor Sound. Because the work is being kept in Canada, it will be much easier for projects to recieve funding assistance as well.

Last but NOT least......The Music.

Congratulations to The Lions for being accepted to play two showcases at this year's South by South West Music Conference (SXSW). They have been in the studio working on a new album that will release sometime in the summer, however, they are set to release an official single on YouTube on April 1, 2011. www.youtube.com/thelionstube.

Black Phoenix Orchestra are on their way to Canadian Music Week (CMW) in Toronto right this very minute. BPO will also be performing two separate showcases while in Toronto including the CMW kick off party at the Legendary Horsehoe Tavern. They have been in the studio for the past couple of months and have completed their new EP. Congrats and good luck to them. Join their fan page for upcoming release announcements. www.facebook.com/blackphoenixorchestra


Travis Pankiw's (former lead singer from Joshua's Habit) new solo project Lounge Pistol is hitting radiowaves by storm. Brand new remix of Dyin' for Nothin', his third single, will be released March 15. www.loungepistol.com.  The Calgary band that calls themselves Silo were in recording 3 new songs specifically for the ears of an interested radio tracker. We will be keeping our ears to the ground to hear more details on that.


Wayfarer, Atacama Republic and The Nix Dicksons are all in finishing up songs for album projects and contest entries. We will be posting new music from all of these bands once we've been given the go ahead! Looking forward to another great month of music!


Trish Evans

Co-owner and Marketing/Funding Director for Taylor Sound